Home Construction Design Tips

So you’ve made the decision to build your next home from scratch. This can be exciting, rewarding…and scary! It’s a big project, as you will soon discover. You’ll get plenty of help from your home builder Springfield MO¬†provider (if you hire one), but surely you’d benefit from some of the home construction design tips that follow.

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Home Construction Design Tips

First, if you want to build your dream home, you’ll need to spend some time thinking about the details of what that means to you. You’ll be faced with endless options and opinions when it comes to home construction design tips, so you’ll need a firm understanding of what you want and the will to stick to it (while remaining flexible at the same time). Just consider the options: the size of each room, the number of stories, whether you want a basement (or a sump pump), what kind of sinks you’ll have in the bathrooms…the list goes on and on. You’ll need professional contractors on your side while you are making these tough decisions.

Here are a few examples of the decisions you’ll be faced with when considering home construction design tips:


  • Where will you put your appliances? What kind of appliances do you want?
  • Where will the sink be? What kind of sink?
  • Will the kitchen be open to the living room?
  • Do you want an island in the kitchen?
  • What kind of kitchen countertops do you wish to have?


  • How many full baths do you want? Half baths?
  • Will you use single or double sinks?
  • Do you want a bathtub or shower in each bathroom?
  • Are high efficiency toilets important to you?


  • How big of a yard do you want?
  • Do you want a fenced in yard? How tall do you want the fences to be?
  • What materials will you use for the roof, siding, and pathways?
  • Have you talked to your favorite landscaping company about landscaping?
  • Do you want a pool? If so, have you checked in to how much the insurance for this will cost?

This is just a small list of the things you’ll need to consider when building your dream home. For more home construction design tips, come back later. We’ll have more content for you as time passes. Or, check out this company:¬†http://bailey-company.com/.